Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you offer storage space for both household and business customers?

A. Four Seasons Self Storage has storage space for both household and business customers. Business 
    customers can store their overflow stock as well as their sensitive documents & records.

Q. Do you have moving trucks available for use?

A.  Four Seasons Self Storage is also a U-Haul dealer. We have trucks availble for your

Q. Can I buy boxes and shipping supplies from Four Seasons Self Storage?

A.  Yes.  We have a variety of boxes, locks, strapping tape and packaging and protective products for all of
      your moving needs.

Q.  Do you have surveilance cameras?

A.  We feel that our customers deserve the best in security for their valuables.  We have surveilance cameras
      located in strategic locations to offer the best security available.  All cameras are recorded in real time   
      to afford added protection. 

Q.  Do you have an electronic gate system?

A.  Our security gates are fully automatic that require a personal identification code for entrance and exit.  Our
      software allows us to monitor all entries and exits for added security.

Q.  When will I be able to access my room?

A.  Your room will be available 24/7 through our automated gate system.  The automatic inside and outside
      lighting system will give you light and added security during the hours of darkness.

Q.  Are the office hours different from the access hours?

A.  Yes. Our office hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday 8 :00 am  till 12:00 pm on Saturday.
      Our facility manager will be available during these hours to assist you with room and U-Haul rentals as well
      as the purchase of moving supplies and locks.  Access hours are 24/7 through our automated gate system.

Q.  Do you have security and what kind is it?

A.  We have state-of-the-art security which includes real time monitored security cameras. Also, all access
      areas are well lit and surrounded by fencing and automated gate systems.  Each room can be locked with
      your own personal lock. We recommend the round type locks for added security. We have a variety of 
      locks including the round type in stock.

Q.  Are any of your rooms climate controlled?

A.  The majority of our rooms are climate controlled. The air is regulated by HVAC to help keep temperatures
      and humidity down during periods of heat or cold. Typical temperatures are maintained at 79 degrees in 
      the summer and 69 degrees in the winter. 

Q. Why Climate Controlled Rooms?

A.   In our climate, we have an abundance of humidity. We all know what humidity can do to wood products if
      not protected. Any kind of furniture will become severely damaged by moisture if left out in the elements. 
      This also holds true for clothing, electronics, and all household appliances.

Q.  I have an RV. Do you have space available to store it?

A.  We have covered and non-covered parking available for your RV, boat, car, truck or motorcycle.  Our
      covered parking also has 30 amp shore power available at no additional charge.

Q.  Do you accept credit cards?

A.  We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express.

Q.  What are your payment options?

A.  Four Seasons Self Storage wants to make your experience as hassle-free as possible.  We have several
      options available to you for payment.

     1. You can come to our office and pay 
     2. You can pay online.
     3. You can pay by phone.
     4. There is a night drop available for check or money order. 
     5. Auto-Pay is available for month to month credit card withdrawls.

     The online and phone payment will require a credit card. Cash and checks are accepted in the office. 

Q.  What are your room rental terms?

A.  The rooms rent from month to month. We do offer added flexiblity and special pricing for long term leases. 
     Call or email us for details.

Q.  What room sizes are available?

A.  Our room sizes vary from 5 x 5 (25 sq ft) to 10 x 30 (300 sq ft).  A list of all sizes and pricing is available on
      our services  page. Call or email us and we will be glad to assist you in determining what size will fit your

Q.  Where are you located?

A.  Four Seasons Self Storage is located 2 miles south of Pelican Point Subdivision.  Take Highway 44 south
 past The Cabin Resturant towards the river.  We're right next to the railroad tracks.